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    Too many popups in WebHelp project


      I am having a problem with WebHelp: when I click on an RH_ShowHelp(...) hyperlink, a blank window is created, as well as the correct help window. If I click on the link again, another blank window is created, as well as another help window. Ad infinitum. Two things disturb me with this: 1) the blank windows, and 2) the fact that the help windows aren't being reused.

      The WebHelp site was created with RoboHelp HTML X5.0.2 build 801.

      I'm using Windows 2003 Server EE SP1, Internet Explorer 6 SP1. The site that I'm testing is in the Internet Zone.

      If I test from another client running Windows XP SP2, Internet Explorer 6 SP1, I get the [almost] correct behaviour but the popups still get blocked (something I thought was supposed to have been fixed when I applied RoboHelp's XPSP2 Service Pack download).

      Please could somebody help me? I've been tearing out what little hair I have left for the past day trying to get this working.


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          Jono_Pare Level 1
          If, I run Internet Explorer as an Administrator instead of running as a least privilege user on the W2K3 server, then I get similar behaviour on both operating systems. This behaviour is that the Internet Explorer popup blocker stops the CSH windows from appearing. I have applied the Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 Support Update - X5.0.2 download (RHO13_X502.exe) and expected it to have fixed the issue, but it clearly hasn't. Am I misunderstanding the purpose of the update?
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            For what it's worth, the same issue appears on Microsoft Vista Beta II. I assume the problem will continue in the release version of Vista as well. I am not, however, seeing the issue on Windows XP.

            Does anyone have any direction as to the ramifications of Vista on WebHelp?