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    targeting nested dynamic text fields from the main timeline

      Greetings! I hope my explanation is easy to follow. Any and all help isi appreciated.

      I have a movie clip, "bottomMenu_mc", on the main timeline and when rolled over, it displays some text. Within the bottomMenu_mc I have two dynamic text fields, one called "title_txt" and one called "bullets_txt". These two fields draw info from an external text file. No problem there.

      Since I am building a 45 frame presentation, each frame wil have it's own set of bulletpoints. I'd like to be able to create one instance of the "bottomMenu_mc" and dynamically change the text within it from the text files for each frame.

      I've tried and tried, using Flash's help files and I can't figure out how to target these two text fields from the main timeline.

      Any ideas?

      thank you very much for taking a look.