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    Help will be appreciated


      I have used a combobox component and masked it.
      The label of the combobox is not displayed..I get a blank space..
      If I remove the mask ..It works fine..ie the label is displayed properly..

      i understand that we need to embed fonts while masking it..but I do not know how to embed fonts for the component used here..

      thanks in advance..
      Jaci Text
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          neil manuell
          comboBox.setStyle("embedFonts ", true)
          comboBox.setStyle("fontFamily ", "myFont")

          you must also create a font object in the library, and make should that the linkage name is equal to the fontFamily name in the example above myFont

          hope that works

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            neil manuell Level 1
            BTW why mask a combobox?????
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              I doubt embedding the font is the problem. I'm having the same issue. Took me forever to realize the mask was causing the problem. Has anyone figured out a way to get it to work.

              To answer your question about "why mask a combobox", in my case I have external movie clips that are loaded into a masked movie. I have my preloader built around this container movieclip as well. So for all of the sections, I dump the movie clip into a container movie clip with rounded corners. Unfortunately, the section that lists stores, I used a comboBox. When I pull that movie clip into the container movie clip, the comboBox does not show the label. So for that one section, I put it onto a new level instead of the container. This is a pain for two reasons...

              1. Since I'm putting it to a new level, I have to put a line of code for each sections buttons to unload that level. And then when I'm in the Stores section, I have to put a line of code to unload what's in the container movie clip.

              2. The preloader I have built to test what's in the container doesn't work for the stores section because it's not being loaded into the container.

              So this is a bug right? It's so aggravating that I can't load a movie with components into a masked container.