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    triggering .swf

      If have I have an .html doc with two flash movies imbedded. What is the actionscript that allows a button from one swf to control the other.
      For example:

      a button on myflash.swf wants to tell thisflash.swf to go to and play frame 2.

      How would I do this?
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          blemmo Level 1
          It's possible with the LocalConnection class. See this tutorial to see how it's working.

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            wabash81 Level 1
            thanks for you response! This tutorial makes sense to me.
            I'm using html frame sets so the flash doc's exist on seperate .html docs but show up on the same page. Will this technique still work if the two .swf's aren't on the same .html page? If so, is there some kind of reference example of how to link to a url and then trigger a .swf to, for example, goto and play frame 2.

            Thanks so much for your help, this info is very valuable to me.