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    Flex Builder 3 New Project

    rmorgan Level 1
      I am trying to get Flex Builder 3 setup but having some problems configuring it to communicate with the app server. I had this working once but cannot get it back. Flex builder is installed on my XP machine and CF is installed on my Redhat 5 box with Apache.
      Here are my steps:
      1. Create new flex project
      2. Project Name: myfirstflex.
      3. Project location: N:\myfirstflex (mapped to samba share) This is actually /var/www/html/myfirstflex on the RH box.
      4. Application Type: Web Application(runs in Flash Player)
      5. Server Technology: Coldfusion. Use remote access service is checked. LCDS is selected at the moment but does not seem to matter which one is selected.
      6. Server Location: Standalone
      7. Coldfusion Root Folder: O:\WEB-INF\flex (samba share on RH box) This is actually /opt/coldfusion8/wwwroot/WEB-INF/flex.
      8. WebRoot: N:\myfirstflex (same as step 3)
      9. Root URL: http://myserver/myfirstflex

      Upon on validation I get " Invalid root. The WEB-INF/flex folder must contain either flex-config.xml or services-config.xml." Like I said I had this working once but cannot get it back. Does anyone see something I am overlooking?