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    RecordSet problem

      I have a successfully loaded recordset. I want to use the "getItemAt(i)" method of this recordset and pass it to another function for processing, but it says it's undefined when it gets there. Here is the code.

      1st function gets loaded with a recordset, it goes into a loop, each attached movie becomes a button. If clicked on, they should pass their specific recordset to the loadproductdetails function... any thoughts?

      function loadproducts(rs) {

      for (i=0;i<rs.length;++i){
      p = attaching functions here, blah, blah blah

      p.onPress = function(){
      loadproductdetails(rs.getItemAt(i)); //load current item in the loop into the product details

      function loadproductdetails(rs) {
      //my code here for this record...

      thanks in advance.