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    Reviewing questions

    Mister Charlie

      When reviewing already answered quesitons, in the case the user entered a wrong answer , and only in multiple choice questions, a grey box with the correct answer appears. Thing is, I really don't want this box to appear, and I'm still using the normal "The correct answer is" box to display my own text for revieing.

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      Is there any way to make this correct answer not to appear? this would really save my day

      Thx alot,

      Mister Charlie.
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          i_am_captivate Level 1
          Hi Charlie,

          What you could try is going to the Quiz manager and then click on "Edit Quiz Settings". In here, select Question Review Messages. The last line is "The correct answer is"... I would try deleting that line and see if that takes care of the problem. If not, let me know and I will see what else we can do.

          Hope this helps

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            Mister Charlie Level 1
            I tried that, and it doesnt help. Breeze seems to create a box for the correct answer to appear at the moment you have the review mode enable.

            I just got the idea to use ActionScript to move that box at coordinates out of screen, 2000,2000 for example, but I cant seem to find the right adress for the box. I opened the swf of a slide and got the variable/object list, but I cant access to these variable via another swf placed in the slide.

            If you have a tutorial explaining how to target Breeze created elements with actionscript, that would be awesome.

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              The way to get rid of the boxes that tell you what you answered and the correct answer is to do the following:

              When you are making the presentation, finish the quiz, then go onto each question slide, and you will see all the possible boxes that can occur depending on the answers the person selects, you can delete the box that tells them the answer the gave and the correct answer, and it wont appear on the screen. I dont know if just deleting the box is the proper way to do it, but it works