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    Whiteboard App in flash

      Hello All,

      I am new to flash and trying to create a white board kind of application in it.
      Can any body please verify the approach which i have taken. Please suggest in case there
      is any better way for doing the same.

      Here is the scnerio

      1. I need to load a jpg, png or gif file in background.
      2. Facilitate user to draw lines on the image at run time.
      3. Facilitate user to write text on the image at run time.
      4. Give a transparent rect which user should be able to move on the image and hide a specific portion of it.

      Here is the way i had implemented the same:

      a. I have created a movie clip and loaded a base image on it.
      b. On next layer ( at next available depth ), a new movie clip is craeted and , i had allowed user to draw lines etc.
      c. For text, again a new movie clip is created and i have used "createTextField" function to create a text box.
      d. on next layer( at next available depth ) i have created a transparent ractange. user can move this with the mouse


      I am using "createEmptyMovieClip" function for creating the new movie clip.

      Things are working fine for me. Basically i am not sure whether it is the best approach to do this kind of app in flash
      or there are alternative ways to achieve the similar funcaitonality.

      Can any body please help me in this case.