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    Changing Text iacross Multiple Files

      We are trying to determine if text content across multiple files can be changed in Fireworks automatically to a different phrase for each file. If so, how is this accomplished? If this is not an option in Fireworks, is there a Fireworks extension or a program that can handle the task? Here is a summary of our project: We have hundreds of web pages, each with a heading that we want to design using a text design over the same image background. We want to create one file in Fireworks and use the same design over and over again but change the text content to the page "name" for each heading file. We have the page names available in excel files. They can be loaded in CSV files or other files types. Our goal is to do this using some sort of automatic batch process. The headings will be within a similar number of character ranges as far as size goes and we will leave room for the longer names by sitting the text block to the width of the header image. We have a program that will take the original file and create the copies of the files with correct names. Ultimately we will need to convert the files from the .prn extension to .jpg. It is my understanding that the change from .prn to .jpg for a group of files is something that Fireworks can handle. The files will have a sequential naming scheme dictated by our ecommerce host.