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    Application.cfc, OnRequestStart, CFInclude

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      O.K. I'll admit I am feeling a little stupid here but I just don't understand this. All I wanted to do was include my script library file using the OnRequestStart function withn application.cfm. There isn't anything special inthe _ScriptLib.cfm template. My Application.cfc file looks like this... (Only the pertinent portions are included)

      <CFFUNCTION NAME="onRequestStart" OUTPUT="Yes" RETURNTYPE="any">
      <CFINCLUDE TEMPLATE="_ScriptLib.cfm">
      ... (other CFSETS and junk like that)
      </CFFUNCTION >

      <CFFUNCTION NAME="onRequest">
      <CFARGUEMENT NAME="targetTemplate" type="String" required="true" />
      <CFINCLUDE TEMPLATE="#arguments.targetTemplate#">

      My question is why do I need to add the CFArguement tag in the OnRequest function to include my scripts??? Why doesn't the CFInclude tag in OnReq