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    Referencing external ActionScript package from mxml

      My project contains 2 files: test.mxml & MyRenderer.as

      MyRenderer.as has the following structure

      package MyRenderer {
      public class PNLField extends TextInput {

      In test.mxml I reference the PNLField class in a DataGridColumn as follows:

      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="PNL" datafield="pnl" itemRenderer="MyRenderer.PNLField"/>

      However, when I compile the project (using 'mxmlc test.mxml'), I receive the following errors:

      Error: Access of undefined property PNLField.
      Error: Definition MyRenderer:PNLField could not be found.

      I have no import statements or anything like that in the.mxml file. I do have a 'xmlns="*"' in the <mx:Application> declaration. Any ideas? I thought mxmlc would be able to resolve the PNLField reference in the local dir due to the xmlns="*" parameter.