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    cant see .htaccess in DW, can in windows

    catedetheridge Level 1
      I can see .htaccess files in windows but cannot see them in the file panel in Dreamweaver MX 2004.
      and if I upload any file in the same folder as a .htaccess file it delete the .htaccess from the server. Breaking my passwords.

      Please can you tell me how to make dw show the files and does anyone know how to stop dw deleting these files from the server. (they do remain on the windows machine Im uploading from).

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          catedetheridge Level 1
          Ive just realised .... that the computer Im uploading from is our intenal server and I access it through a mapped drive. I can see .htaccess files in DW ifthey are actually on my machine.

          But I cant move the project as it is one that serveral people in the office all edit, so has to live on the server.

          any ideas welcome.
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            I don't think you have defined the correct path to your web server at your hosting provider's web server.

            You cannot play or messing around with .htaccess file. It is important file that all web servers require to use.

            I take that you have wrong FTP set up information in the wrong place and I also think that you place the files in wrong directory at your web server directories. Please talk to your Tech Support to get the RIGHT information as to where to place your files. You should have the FTP information right away at the time when you signed up with your web hosting provider, and they usually send you an email with directions of FTP, Tech support information and all that sorta of thing like that.

            As for FTP information, please refer to Dreamweaver TechNote support, since I do not know which system architecture you are working with. Go here:

            Setting up DW FTP connection:
            URL: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_14787

            As for "main" Dreamweaver Support Center" homepage, please bookmark this in your browser, use this for future reference where you run into some kind of problem or issue associated with DW as time go. If you go to that homepage of Support Center, if you look at right side of that page, 2nd column and kinda top end, look for Top Support Topics, this gives you a general guideline or quick links to.

            Bookmark this link to Dreamweaver Support Center:
            URL: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_14787

            Hope that helps! Good luck!
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              As for .htaccess file, it is kind of a bit of advanced thing for more experienced individual such as talented web designer or web developer or system administrators at IT department or techie people do.

              If you are not familiar with more advanced web server configuration files, leave it alone as in "lassiz faire" - do nothing and leave it alone.

              Unless you are comfortable to messing around with .htaccess, go ahead, but unless you know what you are doing with it, though. :)