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    Needed: A BlazeDS/Remoting/AIR example app

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      As far as I can see there are no examples available that use BlazeDS remoting in AIR. I'm trying to implement this and am running into problems. A sample would help.

      I suspect that my problems have to do with this note which I found at:

      http://livedocs.adobe.com/blazeds/1/blazeds_devguide/help.html?content=services_config_2.h tml

      It says "If you use server tokens (for example, {server.name} and {server.port}) in a configuration file for an Adobe AIR application and you compile using that file, the application will not be able to connect to the server. You can avoid this issue, by configuring Channel objects in ActionScript rather in a configuration file; for more information, see Channel configuration."

      I've tried to follow the instructions under "Channel configuration" but haven't succeeded yet.