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    CairngormPlugin branch

    Peter T Martin
      We have branched 'frameworks' as 'CairngormPlugin' to support the changes required by the plugin.

      This branch will be released as 'Cairngorm 2.2.2Codegen-beta'. This is a beta release to enable use of the Cairngorm Plugin. It compiles under Flex 3, which required code changes that we have not yet focused on making backward compatible with Flex 2. It also contains a number of bug fixes (see the release notes for details). We can not guarantee that the final release of 2.2.2 will contain these bug fixes and we may decide to support backward compatibility with Flex 2. These decisions will not be made until the Cairngorm Committee has consulted with the community. At this time we do not recommend that you use this SWC in your projects.
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          tinylion_uk Level 2
          "This is a beta release to enable use of the Cairngorm Plugin"

          Have I missed some forum posts or docs on the OS site? Are you talking about a FelxBuilder Plug-in? Has this been documented anywhere yet.

          Just wanted to be sure I hadn't missed any discussions on this and it's implementation.

          glenn williams
          tinylion development uk