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    Cairngorm Tooling Support - Eclipse Plugin

      I would like to know what is being done by Adobe in terms of tooling support with Cairngorm. Is there a roadmap that will be revealed now that this is an open source project? Through the years, I've seen a few developers say they were gonna create eclipse plugins, but I never saw anyone release anything. Correct me if I'm wrong. So I went ahead and added some really bare bones code to a plugin that I've created for Red5. Currently the plugin generates the folder structure and generates names based on the project. So if your project was named "coolProject", you'd have a generated "CoolProjectModelLocator.as" file. I'm most likely going to strip it from the Red5Plugin since the two have no dependency on each other. However, I'm thinking about creating a seperate plugin for Cairngorm. To be honest, I was able to hack that bare bones cairngorm feature out in a couple of hours. I'm thinking I can add some nice wizards to help alleviate some grunt work involved with setting up projects and adding gestures. K, thanks for getting this os stuff all setup for the community. I look forward to opening communication channels with the Cairngorm team!