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    ActionScript RIA design patterns chapter

      <DIV><SPAN><SPAN><FONT face=Arial size=2>Does anyone know where I can find a <br />copy of the pdf of the chapter from the ActionScript 2.0 Dictionary <br />entitled "ActionScript Design Patterns for Rich Internet Application <br />Development"? It was previously posted on the now defunct richinternetapps <br />site<SPAN class=890262621-04032009> and a broken link to it appears on the Adobe <br />Labs Cairngorm wiki page</SPAN>. I'm in the process of  updating a <br />pre-Cairngorm architecture based on the patterns it outlined, and would like to <br />have it available for reference. </FONT></SPAN></SPAN></DIV><br /><DIV> </DIV><br /><DIV><SPAN><SPAN><FONT face=Arial size=2>Thanks, </FONT></SPAN></SPAN></DIV><br /><DIV> </DIV><br /><DIV><SPAN><SPAN><FONT face=Arial <br />size=2>Matt</FONT></SPAN></SPAN></DIV>