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    Information resources

      I was wondering if there is a wiki or some kind of place where the community can come together and create a centralized set of documentation resources.

      Anyway, I created the following website a long time ago but there was no place to put it. So right now, I'm putting it in this forum. Here's a stake in the ground:

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          Hi Harry,

          Thanks for your efforts here - the pages you've produced look good.

          There is also a community documentation effort over at http://www.cairngormdocs.org, which has some more resources.

          However, Adobe Open Source is a Wiki in its own right, and once everything has settled down, we hope to open up access to those that want to contribute content, so that the resources are all in one easy to find place.

          See the Roles page (http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/cairngorm/Roles) for more details.


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            You can see there.