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    [svn] 3724: Text style changes:

    Glenn Ruehle Adobe Employee
      Revision: 3724
      Author:   gruehle@adobe.com
      Date:     2008-10-17 14:42:20 -0700 (Fri, 17 Oct 2008)

      Log Message:
      Text style changes:

      * Default text styles for Gumbo components are temporarily placed on type selectors (as of revision 3528). This checkin changes those selectors to just two: TextGraphicElement and TextView. This makes the default font work correctly for all 5 text-related tags - TextBox, TextGraphic, TextView, FxTextArea, and FxTextInput.

      * Since the default text styles are temporarily on type selectors, setting text styles on component tags was not working. This checkin fixes that by explicitly setting the "styleName" property of the labelField (Button) and textView (FxTextBase) skin parts to the component itself. This way, any styles set on the component will take precedence over styles set on the text type selectors.

      QE Notes: Text styles can be set on component tags (ie ). This should be tested.
      Doc Notes: We should add a release note about changing the default text styles for Gumbo components. This is done on the TextGraphicElement and TextView type selectors.
      Bugs: SDK-17159
      Reviewer: Deepa

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