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    [svn] 3865: Some ScriptCompiler improvements:

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      Revision: 3865<br />Author:   tierney@adobe.com<br />Date:     2008-10-24 07:05:55 -0700 (Fri, 24 Oct 2008)<br /><br />Log Message:<br />-----------<br />Some ScriptCompiler improvements:<br />@<filename> support - if a parameter starts with @, then <filename> is treated as a file containing arguments.  The file specified is opened, and arguments are read out of it.  The arguments are delimited by whitespace (including newlines).  Any line that starts with '#' is ignored.  <br />Change the _abc_(length, method_count, class_count, etc) constants in generated header files to be externs, and actually define them in the generated source file.  This should help with rebuilds, as the header file won't actually change if AS only edits are made.<br /><br />smokes: tamarin tests, flex checkintests <br /><br />Modified Paths:<br />--------------<br />    flex/sdk/trunk/modules/asc/src/java/macromedia/asc/embedding/Compiler.java<br />    flex/sdk/trunk/modules/asc/src/java/macromedia/asc/embedding/ScriptCompiler.java