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    [svn:fx-trunk] 5082: Initial version of DropDownList

    Jason Szeto Level 3
      Revision: 5082
      Author: jszeto@adobe.com
      Date: 2009-02-25 17:30:44 -0800 (Wed, 25 Feb 2009)

      Log Message:
      Initial version of DropDownList

      Working version of DropDownList (non-editable ComboBox) and its base class DropDownBase. It currently only supports very basic functionality.

      - No Keyboard functionality
      - Basic mouse functionality
      - Support for dataProvider
      - Limited support for selectedIndex, itemRenderer
      - No support for selectedIndex, labelField, labelFunction
      - No support for prompt

      Adding new component PopUp. This component is used to position a dropDown in layout. Since a dropDown is added to the display list via the PopUpManager, it doesn't normally participate in layout. The PopUp component is a UIComponent that does get added to a container and thus is laid out. It is responsible for then sizing and positioning the dropDown relative to itself.

      The PopUp implementation is very early prototype from Ely. Don't expect anything but the basic case to work.

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