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    [svn] 1651: Updated our modified Velocity JAR (lib/velocity-dep-1.4-flex. jar) with one built by a new "velocity" target in the top-level Ant script.

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      Revision: 1651
      Author: gosmith@adobe.com
      Date: 2008-05-09 15:10:16 -0700 (Fri, 09 May 2008)

      Log Message:
      Updated our modified Velocity JAR (lib/velocity-dep-1.4-flex.jar) with one built by a new "velocity" target in the top-level Ant script.

      This JAR is built from the code in modules/thirdparty/velocity. This directory started as the original Batik 1.4 source distribution and has been modified with our changes which add parse tree serializability.

      The "jar-dep" target in Velocity's build script builds this JAR as bin/velocity-dep-1.4.jar. When we copy it to our 'lib' directory we rename it to velocity-dep-1.4-flex.jar to indicate that it has been modified for Flex.

      The "velocity" target is NOT part of the "main" target, because we aren't making ongoing changes to Velocity and don't want to constantly rebuild it.

      This target automatically cleans up after itself, leaving only velocity-dep-1.4-flex.jar.

      Note: Velocity 1.4 should be built with Java 1.4.2_14, not 1.5.0_13. If you need to rebuild batik-all-flex.jar using the "batik" target, you'll need to first arrange for Java 1.4.2_14 to be used, as the trunk's setup.sh script sets up Java 1.5.0_13.

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