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    spry-menu: different design for menu & submenu


      i am trying without success to find a way of how to create a different design for the first and second level of the spry menu. i am pretty knowledgeable in css-styles and can write them on my own, but i cant find a solution to this problem - so PLEASE HELP!!!

      with dreamweaver mx i was able to define css-styles for a link and could create a roll-down menu with a seperate design. with the spry menu, i have tried to define styles for the submenu and apply the styles to the second level, but it doesnt want to work. well, thats not quite true, it doesnt work in INTERNET EXPLORER, firefox works just fine!

      here is a link, so you know what i am talking about: please few in IE and FF

      this is the css-document i changed so it looks the way i want it:

      i work as a graphic designer and i am pretty picky about my layouts, so if i dont find a solution to this problem, i have to change the way i create my designs in the future - and this can not be the objective of adobe, can it?

      thanks a lot for any help!