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    Dynamically creating movie clips via ActionScript


      I am trying to read links of images out of XML using the ActionScript and for each image create an emptyMovieClip dynamically and load the image to this movie clip. Somehow it seems that the emptyMovieClips are created but nothing gets loaded.
      Here's the piece of code where it should be done:

      note: bg_pics is the movie clip that suppose to contain the emptyMovieClips.and it located on the main scene.

      function showImg() {
      for (i in entriesArray) {
      tmp_name = entriesArray .imgname;
      crew = "crew" + i;
      bg_pics.createEmptyMovieClip(crew, 1);
      crew.loadMovie("images/crew/" + tmp_name);


      Any ideas? I'm totally desperate...........