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    [svn] 2941: Turned off PostLink when -debug is true.

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      Revision: 2941
      Author: preilly@adobe.com
      Date: 2008-08-21 07:34:24 -0700 (Thu, 21 Aug 2008)

      Log Message:
      Turned off PostLink when -debug is true. Flex Builder by default
      compiles a debug SWF and for large applications, the time spent
      compiling small localized changes are dominated by PostLink, which
      includes combining ABC blocks and running the peephole optimizer.
      This makes the SWF smaller and faster, but that's not really important
      if you are in the middle of active development and have "Build
      Automatically" turned on. As a result, we now skip PostLink when
      -debug is true. We don't disable PostLink when -verbose-stacktraces
      is true, even though Flex Builder also sets this to true by default,
      because it's possible to enable -verbose-stacktraces for a production

      For a full compile of FlexStore, this change results in about a 7%
      speedup. For an incremental build of Dorado with a small, localized
      change to an AS file, this change results in about a 58% speedup. In
      general, the larger the application and the less time spent in
      CompilerAPI.compile(), the more significant the speedup.

      tests Passed: checkintests

      Needs QA: YES

      Needs DOC: YES

      API Change: NO

      Reviewer: cframpto

      Code-level description of changes:


      Modified calls to LinkerAPI.link*() to only use a PostLink when
      -debug is false.

      Modified Paths: