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    New!  Can I Have text attached to Image show

      Here is the page I'm working with:

      I would like some alternative text or some text like ( example text " Cactus Claw # 751 1997" ) that I put in as alternative text box or someplace else to be placed with in a image placeholder or some other holder that loads in the layer area above the "first & previous" text on the page . I don't want it to look like the image name "cactusclaw7511997.jpg". which limits no spaces caps or symbols
      Every-time the next or previous image is loaded, the text assigned to that image would change to match the image.

      Is this possible? Or is there a better way to do this?
      Please be aware, I'm a novice doing a one time page build here with little DW experience so please bare with me.

      Thanks for any help!