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      Hello All,

      I've ran into a snag that I don't what to do. Although I assume this is simple, I cannot find a solution...

      I have a viewstack that is controlled by a ToggleButtonBar. The issue is that each button of the ToggleButtonBar have a different style. Meaning each button in the ToggleButtonBar would have a unique look. I tried setting the styles for the ToggleButtonBar but it lets me adjust only the left, middle and right buttons.

      Is there a way that I can have a series of unique buttons that behave like ToggleButtonBar . In other words a unique button group that maintains selected state and binded to viewstack. All that I can find are controls that use the same buttons (except the end buttons).

      Would I have to extend ToggleButtonBar? Would I have to create my own class?

      Any help would be appreciated.