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    [svn] 3149: Fix bugs introduced by the display object sharing optimization.

    Glenn Ruehle Adobe Employee
      Revision: 3149
      Author: gruehle@adobe.com
      Date: 2008-09-08 16:58:35 -0700 (Mon, 08 Sep 2008)

      Log Message:
      Fix bugs introduced by the display object sharing optimization. This checkin should fix ordering problems when dynamically adding/removing graphic elements, and ordering problems when changing graphic element properties that require a display object (rotation, alpha, filters, etc).

      MXMLG-219: BitmapGraphic component content always rendered from 0, 0 origin.
      MXMLG-220: setting visible property of Rect and Ellipse does nothing.
      MXMLG-222: setting the alpha of a rectangle changes z-order when there are 3 or more rectangles
      SDK-16754: Z-order incorrect when a Group is present

      QA: Yes - the test files from these bugs (or something equivalent) should be added to our standard test suite
      Reviewer: Deepa

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      Modified Paths:
      flex/sdk/trunk/frameworks/projects/flex4/src/flex/graphics/graphicsClasses/GraphicElement .as