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    Decision to prefix the new components as  Fx   is final?

      Is the decision to prefix the new components with Fx-  final?<br /><br />It's really a show stopper for me.<br /><br />I understand that there are technical reasons for this move, but when I think about the matter I cannot but ponder that we must not forget that Flex is up for a tough battle against SilverLight for the developers hearts & minds , and it definitely feels much more natural to developers to think in terms of a < Button > and a < List > than to work with prefixed classes.<br /><br />It also saddens me to think that so many developers coming to Flex for the first time in 2010 and beyond will be forced to write annoying <FxThis>  <FxThat> all the time for the sole reason that "back in 2008" there was something called Halo components, which they will never even happen to use.