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    New Adobe forums coming!

    matt_chotin Level 3
      Hi all,

      If you've been using the Adobe forums via the web interface recently you
      probably saw notices that we're introducing a huge upgrade to the forum
      system. We're combining the user-to-user forums (adobeforums.com) and the
      adobe.com forums into a single forum system. We're going to have some great
      features in there like email participation, RSS feeds, moderation supported
      by community members (on specific forums, if appropriate), better text entry
      support (including some levels of code formatting), and user ratings. This
      has me pretty excited as I think it will be a huge improvement over what we

      The forums are going to be down starting on Friday at 3pm PDT so we can
      migrate the last 36 months of content over to the new system. We expect the
      new system to come up by Monday. Once they're up I hope folks will check
      things out and become active participants. I'll be curious to see what you
      think, I'm hoping we might even look into combining some of our separated
      forums under the system if it can meet folks' usability needs.

      So stay tuned!