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    JAVA to Flex relation

      Now, we usually use Remote Class Annotation when we convert into the JAVA object from
      Action Script 3 Class Object.
      And we doubt when we convert that the declaration of the [public] is always necessity or not,
      about the scope of variable declaration in the class of JAVA and the class of Action Script 3.
      Please let us know, we should declare of the [public] or not.
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          Peter Farland Level 3
          From ActionScript to Java, only public, non-static, read-writable properties (that is, properties that have both a public get and set accessor defined) and public, non-static, vars are serialized.

          From Java to ActionScript, only public, non-static, non-transient, read-writable bean properties (that is, properties that have both a public getter and setter methods defined) and public, non-static, non-transient fields are serialized.

          For custom serialization requirements, consider using matching flash.utils.IExternalizable and java.io.Externalizable implementations that are also registered with the appropriate [RemoteClass(alias="...")] metadata.

          There are a few other options on the server for customizing serializaiton of strongly typed objects (via the PropertyProxyRegistry), but this is a little out of scope for this question.