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    How can I convert word file to pdf ?

      Dear sir,
      In my Adobe Acrobat Elements Server , I can't convert the files
      which be opened by microsoft word ,such as the files
      whose filename like ".doc"," .txt", and ".rtf".Fortunately,there is
      no problem with the files opened by Microsoft Excel and microsoft
      The error as follow:
      " Conversion failed: The system cannot convert file that is protected. Please unprotect settings in the Tools menu and submit your file again."

      But this is not correct because the file is not protected.
      Surprising,if I don't use the Adobe Acrobat Elements Server ,when I open a file with microsoft word then Choose File > Print, I can get a pdf file successfully. In addtion,I uninstall my unantivirus software but there is no help to the problem.
      what can I do?