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    Cannot make Email Source to  work

      I cannot make this email source to work unde rBin directory.

      Acrobatelementsserver -pop3 mypop3.xyz.org myusername pass pass
      myusername is the useraccount
      Pass is the password for the account
      When I press enter I got this error:
      Cannot find source mypop3.xyz.org of type POP3, please check your AES configuration

      Any further help is needed.

      I sent a test with attachment and didn't get anything.
      When I check the user inbox I can find those email that I sent but no translation has been sent in my mail.

      Under the Log in my Acrobat Element SErver there is an error

      " Email source: unable to authenticate user default Pop3 host: mypop3.xyz.org"
      I can confirm that my webui and smtp is working
      Please help me.