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    Some questions about Elements

      Can someone provide the following questions I have about the Adobe Elements product. Thanks.

      1. For the Server License, is there a limit of how many users can access the server at one time, according to the Server Licensing.

      2. Will elements support Office 2003 SP1?

      3. Can you tell me what applications (specifically Office) will AAES 6.0 supports?

      4. Can you tell me what the number of servers does Adobe recommend for 30,000 users?

      5. Do we need to install the apps it will support on the server?

      6. Does Elements retain any files that it processes on the server?
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          Let me do what I can.

          1. they offer an unlimited license to access the server

          2. Office 2003 SP1 works fine in my enviroment

          3. Word, Excel, Powerpoint (I am using 2003) Photoshop 7, WordPerfect Office 11, Project 2003 BUT, you have to install this on the server and set the PDF creator as your default printer

          4. Unknown to me

          5. See end of answer 3

          6. Not Sure