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    "Compile error in hidden module"

      Our machine is a freshly-installed machine, set up as follows:

      * Windows 2000 SP-4 5.00.2195
      * Elements
      * Office SP-3 9.0.6929

      We are not running Norton Antivirus. The symptoms are as indicated in this URL:

      * http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307410

      I have scoured Google and the forums here for answers to this, but all the solutions involve disabling the PDFMaker functionality; our work requires us to have this functionality available for our use, so such solutions are not workable.

      The fixes we have tried include:

      * Renaming, deleting, and moving normal.dot
      * Renaming, deleting, and moving pdfmaker.dot
      * Copying normal.dot from a working installation
      * Copying pdfmaker.dot form a working installation
      * Checking normal.dot for any spurious macros
      * Checking pdfmaker.dot for any spurious macros (it is locked, so this did not help)

      We are loathe to reinstall the machine (it is on a production server), so are eager to hear of any workable solutions.