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    'Email' source unable to authenticate user 'default" pop3 source error message in log file

      Greetings all,<br /><br />we are using Exchange 2k and the POP3 server for the pop3 mail works locally on the elements server (using outlook express).  When those settings are replicated to the aaes.xml file defined as:<br /><br /><source name="email" type="pop3" path="$(root)/data/email/in" host="wgexc2.bwcad.ad.bwc.state.oh.us"<br />            accept="bwc.state.oh.us" destination="email" maxfilesize ="10MB" timeout="2" throttle="5"/><br /><br />and also:<br /><br /><destination name="email" type="smtp" path="$(root)/data/email/out" host="wgex3.bwcad.ad.bwc.state.oh.us"<br />                 returnname="Adobe Acrobat Elements Server" returnaddress="pdf@bwc.state.oh.us"<br />                 recipient="sender" subjectheader="RE: " defaultsubject="Your AAES E-mail Request"                 maxfilesize="10MB" timeout="2"/><br />    <destination name="webui" type="smtp" path="$(root)/data/webui/out" host="wgexc2.bwcad.ad.bwc.state.oh.us"<br />                 returnname="Adobe Acrobat Elements Server" returnaddress="administrator@company.com"<br />                 recipient="sender" defaultsubject="Your AAES Web Request"<br />                 maxfilesize="10MB" timeout="2"/><br /><br />My question is, if I can logon from the server using the username and password and I go to command line and set uspername and password using the acrobatelementsserver.exe [user] [password] [password]<br /><br />then checking to see whot he current user is shows that user I set (seems correct).  However, I get the error in the subject line and it can't seem to find my pop3 server ??<br /><br />ANy help will be appreciated.