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    Not getting timely SOAP response for password protected documents

      I am working on a web services client that sends a document via SOAP to an Adobe Elements server. If there is any kind of problem with the conversion, I present the user with whatever message AE sends back to my application. While testing various error conditions, I tried sending AE a password protected Word document. As expected, my program then displays a message from AE saying it can't convert password protected files. However, this only works if I terminal service into the AE server and sit there watching it. If my session is disconnected (but still running), my program never gets the message from AE saying the doc was password protected. Instead, it just sits there until I guet "The conversion process time has been exceeded. The application might not be responding or the system has halted.. blah blah". The AE server's timeout is set for 3 minutes and our users are not that patient. Does anyone know how I can get the normal 20 second response that there was a problem without sitting there watching the conversion happen?
      Basically, I can get my application to display the "can't convert readonly docs" message almost as soon as I switch to the AE server and wiggle the mouse. Has anyone else seen this?
      Jack Youngblood
      Holland & Knight