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    Hidden Cost

      My Company is thinking of installing Acrobat Elements Server 6.0. However, my boss is worried about the hidden cost to it(Cost other than the software and license). Does anyone knows what and how much are the hidden cost to installing the server? Thanks alot!
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          The most obvious hidden cost is the cost of the software you need to have installed in order to to convert the files to PDF. For example, if you want to convert Word and Excel files, you need to have Word and Excel installed on the server where Acrobat Elements Server is installed.

          Beyond that the only other hidden cost that comes to mind would be having someone at your company to setup and maintain the server. How much this will cost depends on what you want to do with it; basic stuff doesn't take long to set up, but if you want to set up something with SOAP, you may need to have that expertise on staff or be willing to hire a consultant. You might want to download the trial version to see what is involved.

          But don't forget to factor in the hidden costs of NOT having Acrobat Elements Server, or rather, what is the return on investment? Depending on your needs, it could pay for itself fairly quickly, or not.