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    Acrobat plug-in cannot launch acrobat

      Using Adobe Acrobat Elements 6.0 with a 6.0.2 upgrade on Windows XP (Media Center Edition 2002 SP2).

      Recent attempts to open some web links result in a notification "Acrobat plug in cannot launch acrobat". I've run the repair/reinstallation function on 6.0 using the Elements CD and also have done manual removals and re-installations but the problem persists and I continue to be notified that "Windows cannot open AdobeElements.pdf" - I am also unable to locate this file using the search function, both before or after the removals and re-installations I've attempted using Adobe Acrobat Elelments 6.0 CD.

      Since "Windows cannot open AdobeElements.pdf", it seems that I cannot use use Adobe helpwww.boxedcpu.com/AcrobatElements.pdfhelp because it's a PDF based system, which includes information on all tools, commands and features for Windows versions of applications).

      Irrespective of having removed and re-installed Adobe Acrobat Elements 6.0 from it's CD, Adobe elements in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs is indicated as being empty. In add/remove programs Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.2.0 reader shows 5.64MB and Adobe 8.0 reader (no acrobat) 86.68MB - but no there's no value listed for Adobe Acrobat Elements 6.0 and attempting to use the repair function with the CD doesn't have any effect. (...also add/remove programs indicates that the last time the program was used was 10/2006 - however the Acrobat plug-in was working until it quit about a week ago).

      According to Adobe technical support there's no longer any technical support available for Adobe Acrobat Elements (6.0) and the only thing they can offer is this user to user forum. Incidentally, in the case of Acrobat Elements 6.0 there's no upgrade to 8.0 available.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.