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    Advertising Prices


      I was just wondering how much to charge advertisers for advertising on a page that gets 23 page views a day, all from specific clients for the advertiser. I just have no idea what to charge, and was wondering what a normal figure would be, for a skyscrapper down the side of the page, and an mpu.



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          joeq Level 1
          honestly? nothing.

          23 page views per day (at the most... some days, there may very well be less) is pretty much worthless. assuming a GREAT click-through rate of 10%, you're talking about 2.3 visitors to the advertisers site.... with obviously no guarantee that any of those clicks will translate into sales. you're better off giving these advertisers free space for a period of time (call them "charter advertisers") and build your circulation. maybe in a few months, you'll be able to sell ad space to other clients based on a) the broader circulation and page views and b) the results achieved by your charter advertisers (they need to share the information about the response rates/conversion rates with you.)