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    Why can't I touch-up scanned b/w PDFs in Photoshop?

      I have Acrobat 8 Professional 8.1.2 as part of the CS3 Design Premium Suite on a Mac Pro (running Leopard 10.5.4). I have a Fujitsu S510M document scanner, and recently used it to scan an enormous pile of old personal documents. Most were black and white documents (e.g. xeroxes), and with the settings I chose for these documents, the scanner's software produced what look like bitmap or 1-bit black and white PDF files. So far so good. If I attempt to use Acrobat's Touchup Object tool to clean up scanned pages in these PDFs, I get a message in Photoshop CS3 saying: "Could not complete your request because a color was specified using an unsupported color space". A peek at one of these PDFs thru Preflight reveals the following about one of these troublesome objects:

      "Bits per color component: 1
      Treated as a mask: False
      Perform interpolation: False
      Rendering intent: Perceptual
      ZIP/Flate compression: FlateDecode
      Number of color components: 1
      Alternate color space
      DeviceGray color space
      ICC profile data
      Profile version number: "2.2.0"
      Color Management Module (CMM) type: "appl"
      Profile/Device class signature: "mntr"
      Color space of data: "GRAY"...
      Profile description: "Generic Gray Profile"

      Is it the DeviceGray color space that is making these objects uneditable?
      Is there a color conversion I do with Convert Color or some other trick I can
      do to make these objects more Photoshop-friendly?