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    Adding Video to a PDF file

      I have a windows XP computer and adobe acrobat 8 professional windows version. I am using the advance editing feature to add video's to the PDF file.

      I am able to load .swf files and create working video adobe.pdf files and can run these files fine when using a windows PC.

      However, when the video adobe.pdf file is opened using a MAC the video doe not work.

      What preferences or settings do I need to set to make it compatible to both windows and MAC computers?
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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          On a Macintosh, running Flash/SWF files was/is seriously broken because Acrobat 8 relies on QuickTime to handled videos. However, Apple has chosen not to support recent versions of Flash in the current version of QuickTime.

          The bottom line is you need to use Acrobat 9 or free Adobe Reader 9. These support Flash and SWF video natively and don't rely on QuickTime.
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            Thank you so much for your help. So if I undestand you correctly. If my colleague that using a MAC. If she downloads acrobat reader #9 for MAC with respect to her current operating system, she will be able to open my windows generated video resume.PDF file that has a video.swf file embedded in it and it will run without problems.

            If you are interested in seeing the demo.pdf file that embeds the video it is very cool stuff email me a nancyshone@yahoo.com and I will attach the file to you. It is going to be the next generation of Classical formatted Resume. Thanks again
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              If you are running the latest version of Adobe reader, you should not experience any trouble between using Windoze and Mac for pdf files, including displaying video.
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                Unless flash is the only video format you can produce with your software at hand-- or it's the only format suitable for your content-- you can embed a second file format (rendition) in the PDF. When your video content is played on a Mac, the alternate file will play.

                That said, I'm glad Adobe has made it possible to play flash videos natively --independent of a platform's media player. I had a similar challenge recently. I had created a PDF with embedded video on a Mac. I had to embed both a .mov file (for Mac users) and a .wmv file (for Windows users). The Windows users work for a company whose IT department won't install the Quicktime player. Some companies have even disabled workers' multimedia applications altogether to discourage "non-business" computer usage. At least Acrobat Reader is a necessary Enterprise application, and because it's free most companies won't hesitate to update it to the latest version.
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                  Thank you for your response. Yes, I can produce mutli video formats for various media display applications that run on PC's and MAC's. I try to use flash format cause that is my best shot at getting everyone. The issue that I am seeing is because the technology is so sensitive, that frequently I can not get the embedd PDF videos to display on various computers, whether it is a PC or a MAC. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The issue is not always the application software absense either. As I do prototpes and demonsrations to show the embedded video PDF technology around, I am seeing some technology road blocks as well as what you said company blocks.
                  Not sure why. I have tried 3 different MAC's, with 3, I would say average computer people as a dummies to view my files, 2 did not work.
                  And I sent them both adobe reader and flash application files. Whether these average users downloaded these software application files correctly could not be confirmed. So what could be the problem.
                  Maybe on these computers, they are being effected by some computer setting, that is flagging embedding video.exe files within embedded in adobe.exe files as a problem. Who knows.
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                    Anything .exe is a Window executable file, and will not run on a Macintosh. Your video, if not .swf, should be in a format QuickTime will read otherwise. Windows .wmv files do not run on a Macintosh, even if they are embedded in a PDF file.
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                      PJonesCET Level 1
                      Unless the web browser you have has Flip4Mac Plugin installed which reads most WMV/WMA files.

                      Certain wmv/wma files protected by MS DRM software will not though.
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                        Interesting conversations have been spawning from my initial request.

                        For clarification my specific issue has to do with .swf only. Flash is supposed to be a universal play. right. Doesn't matter PC or MAC it should run when played as an video.swf file, anywhere provided that the appropriate flash application software is installed on the computer.

                        I have an adobe.pdf with an embedded video.swf in it, that was created on a Windows PC, but I want it to be able to be open and view the adobe.pdf file and it contents on a MAC.

                        When I send these PDF files to MAC users, granted they are not the kind of "MAC users" that would be talking in this Forum, they can open the Adobe.dpf but they have issues playing the embedded .swf within.

                        If you want more information on my application you can visit profile
                        at myspace.com/videoaresume

                        I am finding that Flash technology is very tempermental no matter with computer type you are using.

                        So, I set my goal if I can get my application to run 90% I am successful.

                        I have had three MAC users try to view my Adobe.pdf file with video, 2 could not run it.

                        If anyone has a MAC and wants to be able to give me feedback on whether you can open my file and play the video email me, I would be greatly appreciated.

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                          I was wondering if I could ask you a question about your response.

                          Do you have any idea why a MAC would strip out an embedded URL .swf video file that I embedded into it.

                          Does the MAC operating system flag it as a potential risk and automatically delete it.

                          Whem I open pdf files with embedded videos the videos are removed.

                          Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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                            I'm having the same problem. Only certain .swf files will work in PDF (Acrobat 9 Pro).

                            More importantly for me, I'm trying to get these PDFs to work in Adobe Digital Editions consistently and it will only accept .swf files for multimedia content. Even when the random .swf file works in the PDF, it never works in Adobe Digital Editions. Ever.

                            I'll keep my eyes peeled here. Maybe someone will have the answer.
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                              my pdf file also not platying viedo in windows . it's only showing the first frame.......



                              what to do? plz





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                                I am using acrobat 9 pro. I would like to add a wmf as one of the renditions of a video file. Acrobat says this is a non supported file format. I have to ensure that the video can be seen on a pc. thanks!

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                                  Jason Vearing



                                  I created a PDF on my PC using adobe 9 and embedded an .avi video which works fine on my PC when I play it using reader. I have also bought a macbook and find that I cannot open the video using adobe reader on it. I get a message that it needs to search the web for a media player. I understood that the embedded video was run by adobe reader - anyway, it directs me to an adobe site which then says something like - the media player is not available for your system.


                                  I have downloaded adobe reader 9.2.0 for mac - can anybody advise how I can watch the embedded video on the PDF via my macbook?


                                  Thank you,



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                                    MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                    If you want it to be cross platform compatible with no external player use swf.

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                                      Jason Vearing Level 1

                                      Thanks Michael.