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    The CreateDate of file on remote server

      I need to move a file on a remote Windows 2003 server to its archive directory before overwrite the file. I would like to rename the file to be archived by adding the date of the file was created as part of the filename.

      DIRECTORY= "//RemoteServer1/Pro/RT/"

      DESTINATION="//RemoteServer1/Pro/RT/Archive/parts #dateformat(FileList.datelastModified, "dd-mm-yyyy")#.xml">

      I have setup the share permissions on the remore server, and the file moving works except there is no date added. For example,

      parts.xml after moved to archive\ has a name of parts .xml

      When I tested this on my local server, it works fine. The file moved has a filename such as

      parts 26-01-2009.xml

      Any suggestions on how to get FileCreateDate for a file on remore Windows 2003 server? Thanks.
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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          if you cfdump filelist, do you see the DateLastModified?

          I'm guessing the space in your destination filename is the source of your problem. See what happens if you take it out?

          Another troubleshooting suggestion is to cfdump #dateformat(FileList.datelastModified, "dd-mm-yyyy")# and then cfflush right before your cffile move command.