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    Acrobat 7.0.8 updater gets stuck

      Hello all,

      I had to re-install my copy of Acrobat Pro on my new machine, and when running the Adobe Updater it tells me three updates for Acrobat are available. Great! Well, on the first one, 7.0.8, it hangs after about 95% on progress bar. It doesn't freeze the whole system, it just gives me the old school black & white rotating circle.

      Any ideas what's happening? Would love to get this thing updated.

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          My guess is that you trying to update Acrobat 7 on a system running Mac OS 10.5, which is not supported. The only versions supported on Mac OS 10.5 are Acrobat 8.1.2 and above (including Acrobat 9).

          But you can try downloading the 7.0.8, 7.0.9, and 7.1.0 patches from http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/