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    How backwards compatible are PDF Porfolios, exactly?

    AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional
      I can't find any definitive info in online help, Padova's Bible, or elsewhere on how backwards-compatible PDF portfolios are. Hoping to get some help here.

      I know that they can be opened in Reader 8 (as a package), can they be opened in Reader 4, 5, 6, or 7? (none of which I still have installed here). In other words, if I send out a PDF Portfolio "blind" ... have no idea what version of Reader the recipient might have ... what's the worst scenario? I could give the recipient a heads-up in the email carrying the attachment, if I knew.

      What does a Reader 4, 5, 6, or 7 user see when they (try to) open the portfolio? Does anyone know?

      I sent a portfolio containing a dozen PDFs and a ZIP to a new vendor of mine a couple days ago. No flash files or anything. I emailed her last night to make sure she got the files, she just sent me this:

      >I got a file. I've been unable to open it yet. I had to download some software, and then I had to see clients, so I don't know what's in the file yet.

      >I'll let you know at end today if I have problems. Unfortunately, I'm i the field most of the day today, and was all day yesterday as well.

      And this is a savvy Mac user. (Not a designer though.) Other people I may send this to may not be so motivated, or even have the right user privileges, to download and install software ... I'm guessing she's trying to download Reader 9.

      Thanks for any help,