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    Best way to compress pdfs for email?

      I need to know the best way to compress a pdf for email. Local email limitations are <10MB (1 MB is preferred). Many files are in the KB range. I have tried everything-optimizing/reduce file size/jpg to pdf. I have Acrobat 6.0.2 Professional on a MAC 10.4.11. If there is additional software I need to purchase, what is the best product? How do other professionals create good looking yet tiny file-sized pdfs for emails (KB to 1MB)? I know this can be done, I just haven't figured it out yet! Any suggestions? Thank you for any advice!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          More modern versions of Acrobat do a better job of compressing pdfs. But
          the real goal is to make the small in the first place. Restrict the
          fonts needed. If you stick with Times New Roman and Arial you need not
          worry about embedding the fonts. Or use other fonts and don't embed
          them, just all substitution.

          Graphics are more complicated. Is the intended audience going to view
          onscreen only? Or are they going to print it. PDFs for onscreen only
          viewing can have graphics reduces to 72 to 90 dpi and not loose any
          quality. But again, it is better to reduce the graphics to the size you
          want before creating the pdfs. Are you using raster graphics, vector
          graphics or both? This also alters the equation you need to consider
          when trying to make a pdf file small.

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            It is for onscreen viewing only, combination of vector/raster graphics. This particular file is an 8 pg document created in Publisher 63% Images/14% Content Streams/22% Fonts.

            But not just for this file, but for any file created in many different programs (Illustrator/Indesign/MS). How to make ANY file small enough for email (reduce from KB down to 1MB.)?

            Isn't there an EASY way to take any large pdf created in ANY program & EASILY compress it small enough to still be readable via email via ANY 3rd party software?
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              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              The PDF optimizer should have settings that can be used to reduce the
              size if the file. I no longer have Acrobat 6 on my computer to check the
              settings on the pdf optimizer. If you can change the settings for the
              graphics to be reduced to 72 pdi and to remove the fonts, that should go
              a long way to reduce the size of the pdf.