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    Help please! How do I get my menu bar back (Windows version on VMWare Fusion)?

      I'm running the Acrobat 9.0 Windows version download trial in Windows XP Home in VMWare Fusion Virtualization on an iMac (works beautifully, by the way!).

      I was trying all the preferences options when I selected, under the 'View' menu, 'Menu bar' which made my menu bar disappear. How do I get it back?

      I searched the forums and found answers for the Acrobat Windows version in Windows to press the 'F9' key on a PC keyboard but that doesn't work on my Mac keyboard.

      I found a keyboard combo for Mac users but that doesn't work either for the Windows version in VMWare Fusion.

      I previously selected the option to return to the previous screen settings so closing the document and reopening it doesn't work either.

      Any ideas?