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    Help please! How do I get my menu bar back (Windows version on VMWare Fusion)?

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      I'm running the Acrobat 9.0 Windows version download trial in Windows XP Home in VMWare Fusion Virtualization on an iMac (works beautifully, by the way!).

      I was trying all the preferences options when I selected, under the 'View' menu, 'Menu bar' which made my menu bar disappear. How do I get it back?

      I searched the forums and found answers for the Acrobat Windows version in Windows to press the 'F9' key on a PC keyboard but that doesn't work on my Mac keyboard.

      I found a keyboard combo for Mac users but that doesn't work either for the Windows version in VMWare Fusion.

      I previously selected the option to return to the previous screen settings so closing the document and reopening it doesn't work either.

      Any ideas?