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    Color Pallets In Acrobat

    W. Frost Level 1

      I'm using Acrobat Professional 8.1.3. I work in a packaging company, and frequently our boxes are flexo printed using GCMI inks. I have created a color library in Illustrator (there's only 40 GCMI colors), and would like to do the same in Acrobat. It seems that Acrobat supports building a color library, but doggone if I can figure it out!

      This is as far as I've gotten:

      Let's say I draw a rectangle, then go to Properties. The 'rectangle properties' box opens. I choose a color from the existing color palette, then open 'other colors', and the color I chose is now in the top strip, to the right of the magnifying glass. From there, I can drop it into the list, or the little swatch squares at the bottom.

      Similarly, I can select the rectangle, go to Properties, choose 'other colors', create a new color by clicking on the middle 'color palette' icon, and drag and drop.


      How do I name my library? When I click on the List: tab, nothing happens.
      How do I name the colors in my library?

      SOMEHOW, I managed to create a list called GCMI, but I have no clue how I did it. Now everything I add is named GCMI-1, GCMI-2, and so on. I'd like to create colors and name them by their real names.

      Can anyone help me? This is so perplexing, and I think I'm close to figuring it out...just that onelaststep.......

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          There is no way to create a color palette in Acrobat because its page building feature (File > Create PDF > From Blank Page) not that sophisticated. It's not really intended for creating anything but the most basic pages. For color, the Other Colors, just opens up the system color picker which can't create color palettes.
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            Dear wendy:

            I am interested in palette color GCMI generated for you to Illustrator. I wanted to know if you could send them.

            From Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thank You

            rafa garcia barra
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              W. Frost Level 1
              I'd be happy to send you the library I've created.

              NOTE: BIG HUGE DISCLAIMER!!!!!!

              The GCMI palette is only *MY* interpretation, and is not an actual color palette provided by the Glass Packaging Institute (the makers of GCMI books). Here's how I created my GCMI palette:

              I used the GCMI swatch book on mottled white (version IX). I shot each color in the book with an X-Rite 939 spectrodensitometer, and a corresponding PMS color would come up. For instance, GCMI 10 was formerly PMS 115. In some instances, there were very similar blues for example, and they'd register as the same PMS match. In that case, I used the ol' eyeball to pick a color from a Pantone book that looked darn close to the GCMI swatch.

              So! These GCMI colors are for representation only; they are not to be used for their *L*a*b values or anything. If your ink vendor sees a file that uses GCMI 10, he'll use the GCMI 10 ink for the job (rather than using the CMYK values etc.)

              Hope that all made sense. E-mail me and I'll send the file to you.

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                Could you send me the GCMI pallette?

                How does one do that?

                Many thanks,


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                  Hi - I came across this discussion - it fits my needs to a tee!  I'm now working with a packaging company that uses GCMI color.  Can you please send me the GCMI swatch book that you created.  Now how do we go about that?



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                    I am interested in the GCMI color swatches. I work at a packaging / corrugation company and this would really help me proof box designs. Let me know how if I could get these swatches.