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    javascript being duplicated


      I am having a problem with RoboHelp adding additional instances of javascript to each topic each time I compile the help.

      I am creating WebHelp with RoboHelp HTML version 7.

      I have applied javascript to topics in the help project to aid in navigation. The javascript allows the user to show or hide the TOC, and to view the breadcrumb trail of topics.

      Whenever I generate the help, RoboHelp will add an extra instance of the navigation items - for example, the topic will display SHOW (to show the TOC) twice at the top of the topic. Also, when I view the project file from RoboHelp, there is now an additional red box in the topic, signifying an (unwanted) additional instance of the javascript. I can delete the additional javascript box, but RoboHelp will add it again the next time I recompile help. And RoboHelp does not stop at two instances, it adds a new instance each time it complies.

      How can I prevent RobHelp from adding additional instances of javascript to each topic each time I compile the help?

      Thanks for your help.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Welcome to our community, Andrew

          From what you have described, it would seem that you have managed to overwrite your project source files with modified WebHelp output files.

          The process of generating WebHelp injects JavaScript into each topic to support the WebHelp functionality. If you repeatedly take that output and re-use it as source, you keep getting more and more instances of JavaScript added and things go downhill in a hurry.

          Step one is to figure out how it's happening and stop it. Usually the publishing process is a likely candidate. I'd begin looking there. If you are manually copying the files, you need to stop and seriously re-think things.

          Cheers... Rick
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            ROBOHELPIST Level 1
            Thanks Rick,

            I manually deleted the javascript where it appeared in the project source files. This prevented the javascript from multiplying in the output files after each compile.