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    Can I split a pdf file?

      I've looked through the documentation and searched the forums but I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere. I have a 50mb pdf that I need to send someone but my server chokes on a file this size. Can I split this into 3 or 4 smaller files? Do I really need to buy a third-party piece of software to do this? Acrobat Pro 8; OSX10.5.1; Intel iMac. Thanks.

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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          Document > Extract pages, and save the result. Make sure to keep each
          email below 5 megabytes, and wait for confirmation: such large files
          can cause MAJOR inconvenience to the recipient. It may be better to
          find a different way to send it.

          Aandi Inston
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            ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Personally, I'd post it to a file server somewhere and email the link.
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              Yes, I can do that but why is it that I can buy a $50 shareware program that will do it but my almighty $400 Acrobat Pro can't? I really resent having to spend more money on something that it seems should be part of a program priced and targeted to professionals. Jon
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                I had another response that was apparently not to the list and my spam filter grabbed it. He kindly told me it was a process of using the Extract Pages command but warned about making files larger than 5mb. I've decided to take the advice offered here and ftp it my server and let them download it. Thanks for your help.
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                  easternherp Level 1
                  Is it possible to split the pdf by using applescript to a set number of repeating pages say every 200 pages
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                    Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Acrobat supports JavaScript, not AppleScript. JavaScript is cross-platform, AppleScript is not. Not a programmer, but I imagine it could be done with JavaScript.
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                      (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                      >Acrobat supports JavaScript, not AppleScript.

                      Actually, on the Mac, it supports both. The AppleScript interface is
                      much more limited. It is described in the IAC Reference.

                      Aandi Inston
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                        Level 1
                        Upgrade to Acrobat 9 - can split by page numbers, file size and even
                        bookmarks now

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                          easternherp Level 1
                          Thanks Jon, but I didn't really want to upgrade just for splitting files. btw did you used to do a lot of work with the Agfa Apogee system?
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                            Level 1
                            Yep - that was me in a previous life ;-)

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                              easternherp Level 1
                              Thought I recognized the name. I work at Page Bros in Norwich and have had a couple of dealing with yourself, mainly about PDF's for the Apogee system
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                                PJonesCET Level 1
                                Can't he either either in 7 or 8 extract pages of a Pdf and save them into individual pdf's? If so can he extract a range of pages?
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                                  Yes, you can extract a range of pages. Don't buy any of that PDF splitting software, Acrobat already does that even though it's not very easy to find. Acrobat 8 will do it, as will earlier versions, I believe. Unfortunately if you do a search in the help file for "split", nothing useful comes up.

                                  So, simply go:
                                  Document> Extract Pages
                                  and enter the range of pages. If you want to split an entire document into single pages, click "Extract pages as separate files".
                                  Acrobat will automatically save all these files, but you may wish to re-name them since you can't specify how you'd like them named. It just tacks a space and then sequential numbers after your original file name, for each.

                                  Originally I was worried this process might compress my files, but it doesn't touch them at all beyond separating them out.

                                  This automation takes a lot of the repetitive work out of individually extracting single pages from a multi-page PDF, or painstakingly and individually exporting single pages from, say, InDesign. Just wish it was easier to find.
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                                    I know a little time has passed since the last post to this thread, but I can't resist the chance to wax poetic about acrobat.com.

                                    Just log in post a file to share, email a link to the intended recipient (from within acrobat.com)and they can view it or download it at will. There is 5G of space for free.

                                    Registration is free, and the are limits.

                                    Oh yeah, did I mention there is a word processor online and conferencing capabilities all in one place. No more zipping and emailing just post it and they will come.

                                    Oh did I mention the conferencing? Set-up a meeting and video conference, chat or voip in real time about the content everyone is looking at.

                                    Just make sure you have your pants on (or don't stand-up).

                                    Arrivederci mon ami!
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                                      MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                      You can post poetically about acrobat.com, all you want, but it should
                                      be in its own thread, or at least a related thread. And yes, acrobat.com
                                      is the cat's whiskers.

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                                        ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                        >or at least a related thread

                                        I think it's related. The OP could post the large PDF on acrobat.com.
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                                          Transcon Guy

                                          When a pdf file is over 2 gigabytes Acrobat Pro 9 seems to be not able to split the file. The following message appear: A file I/O error has occurred. I've tried Document --> Extract and Document --> Split Document... without success.


                                          We receive pdf that large sometime to print (Book over 500 pages with hi-res images). Any ideas?

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                                            MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                            What is the file system that the file is stored on. I think HFS file systems were restricted to 2 GB file size. HFS+ allows for larger file sizes.

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                                              Transcon Guy Level 1

                                              Thanks Michael, It is HFS+.


                                              Actually the workaround I found is to delete the last pages until file size is dropping below 2 gig and then splitting the files. After, I use a copy of my pdf and I keep only the pages I deleted before, split them, and rename them using a script. Not really effective! It is ok when I doing it but I can't ask that to our client!


                                              We use different workflow model here. One model is asking to our client to register single pdf file into our Workflow (Prinergy). Now, I'm searching for a javascript or something else able to split pdf to single page pdf with a starting number. For example, if my chapter 2 begin with page 20, I want single page pdf to be named as following:







                                              Any idea?



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                                                Tom Usrey Level 3

                                                You might want to check out this app/utility.


                                                (This is from Planet PDF:)


                                                "This is a cool, nifty tool for PDF folks developed by Jake Pietrykowski.


                                                Moonwalk is a free tool for reversing the page order of PDF files.


                                                The tool features page order reversal, PDF document splitting, optional page ranges and automatic page split option.


                                                Additionally, users can split large page count PDF documents into smaller page count documents with or without reversing the page order.


                                                The system requirements for the tool is Mac OS X Tiger 10.4x / Mac OS X Leopard 10.5x."


                                                See more about it at:



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                                                  Vigorkk Level 1

                                                  If you have acobat you can upgrade it then extract pdf pages as you want.  It's a plus that it can ectract by bookmarks now. Then it can be a professional splitter. However, for us who don't have one may still be stuck with the difficulty of splitting PDF pages. Javascipt obvious is a good way, but sometimes I just have no enough time to do so. Then the PDF splitter will be an available choice for me. Spliting a pdf file automatically in ways I want is what I appreciate!  

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                                                    Sorry I wasn’t clear.

                                                    I’ve got Acrobat Pro X for Mac.

                                                    I imported a form, it scanned properly and the fields were recognized.

                                                    I started to “fill in the blanks”, but the font size was too big for the fields.

                                                    When I searched the Adobe “help”, it told me that the font size could be adjusted by selecting “Format” then working from there.

                                                    My problem is that I do not have a “Format “ choice.  Is it hidden??


                                                    Should I uninstall the program and re-install? Or??

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                                                      try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                      Use the Object Select tool (black arrow) to right-click your field, the select Properties, then go to the Apperance tab.

                                                      There you could set the font's size.

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                                                        Phillip M Jones Level 4

                                                        You can set two ways once you get there.


                                                            1.    Set the font to a lowers size.


                                                            2.    Set to automatic


                                                        Method the font will start large and as you add more charcters, the Font size shrinks.

                                                        There is a point where there is no more shrinkage.

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                                                          send to stuffit expander and let client or friend download from internet