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    How can I associate file types with Dreamweaver so they open automatically?

    garethjmsaunders Level 1
      I've just installed Dreamweaver CS4 under Windows XP Professional but I've an issue with which files types are associated with Dreamweaver.

      When I first ran DW CS4 the application invited me to select which type of files to associate with Dreamweaver: .css, .js, .xslt, php, etc. I deselected a few as I was using another editor for those at the time. However, I would now like to associate PHP files with Dreamweaver CS4, so that when I double-click a PHP file in Windows Explorer it opens in Dreamweaver CS4.

      How can I do this?

      Is there a way to run the initial dialog box again that invited me to select which files to associate with Dreamweaver?

      Thanks in advance